Originally Established in 1999 in New Delhi, Dwarka as a computer training Institute. ACCELCRAFT has ventured into diversified businesses.

The ACCELCRAFT ventures

ACCELCRAFT Institute of Geoinformatics Technology :

Established in Guwahati,Assam in 2011 first fully fledged Geoinformatics technology institute in Northeast India. we are not affiliated to any university for our course programs.All of our course programs are Job oriented and 100% practical and aimed only towards making students ready for their career in GIS field. India with its enormous exposure to the IT industry is set to become the GIS hub of the world. To top it all the Manpower quality is also leading the companies from all across the globe to invest in India. Our endeavor is to develop a training institute whose curriculum is always at par with Geoinformatics industry worldwide and also help this world create a balance between humankind’s quench of natural resources and nature.One of our aim is to absolutely empower people through practical and empirical learning.

AccelKomm Communications skills academy :

Only Institute in northeast India dedicated completely to improving communication skills for the betterment of one’s social image and professional mileage.

The various courses provided by ACCELCRAFT in various fields (professional /non-professional) come out of a result of a deep understanding of those respective fields. All the courses provided are well thought over, well designed and has gone through a lot of strategizing so as to suit the practical requirements of the respective fields.

We have invested our time and effort to bring to our students the best trainers and faculties’ one could have. Our trainers and faculties are well experienced and well qualified to provide the best kind of training for their respective fields. Our training methods have been designed to be simplistic, practical but with the highest degree of potency in them

ACCELJOB Manpower solutions :


One of the biggest requirement of the modern competitive entrepreneurial world is quality manpower. ACCELCRAFT endeavours to bring our clients the best employees with quality and calibre to execute tasks.